Tori Cleiland

As a school board member, teacher, and parent, Tori Cleiland is actively engaged in the shifting of teaching and assessment practices at the classroom level.


Cleiland is a school board member in Vermont’s Winooski Public School District, with a range of experience including youth engagement and special education. A previous Director of Winooski’s Thrive After School program, Cleiland oversaw efforts in training staff to become mentors to young students. She encourages staff to empower children to be personally rigorous outside of the classroom, as well as inside through play and literacy. In addition to her work in Winooski, Cleiland is a Special Educator at Vergennes Union High School in Vergennes, VT, where she teaches two proficiency-based courses in Biology and Skill in Literature.


Prior to her roles in Winooski and Vergennes, Cleiland spent eight years as a Special Educator at Williston Central School in Williston, Vermont. A strong proponent of student-centered learning at all levels of K-12 education, Cleiland teaches children and colleagues about the principles and practices of mindfulness and social thinking, so that students may take ownership over their learning.


An avid traveler, Cleiland has been to numerous locations across the globe, including Lebanon, Spain, Singapore, and South America.