Student-Centered Learning

What is student-centered learning?

Student-centered approaches to learning highlight four key tenets that are essential to students’ full engagement in achieving deeper learning outcomes:

Learning is Personalized:

Personalized learning recognizes that students engage in different ways and in different places. Students benefit from individually-paced, targeted learning tasks that start from where the student is, formatively assess existing skills and knowledge, and address the student’s needs and interests.


Learning is Competency-Based:

Students move ahead when they have demonstrated mastery of content, not when they’ve reached a certain birthday or endured the required hours in a classroom.


Learning Happens Anytime, Anywhere:

Learning takes place beyond the traditional school day, and even the school year. The school’s walls are permeable–learning is not restricted to the classroom.


Students Take Ownership Over Their Learning:

Student-centered learning engages students in their own success—and incorporates their interests and skills into the learning process. Students support each other’s progress and celebrate success.

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