Shawn Rubin

Shawn Rubin is the Chief Education Officer at the Highlander Institute in Providence, Rhode Island. Shawn manages the Institute’s personalized and blended learning initiatives. At the Highlander Institute, Shawn leads the FUSE RI fellowship, which partners educators and administrators from schools around Rhode Island with other school districts to help disseminate blended learning – the integration of teaching, technology and data to increase personalization, engagement and mastery of all essential skills for all students – based on each district’s specific needs.


Shawn is the co-founder of Rhode Island’s EdUnderground, a hands-on laboratory where teachers can discover and experiment with technology integration strategies, blended learning models, and other innovative tactics using hardware platforms and software programs to support the diverse needs of students.   He is also co-founder of the state’s bi-monthly EdTechRI Meet-up, which brings educators together to share ideas about EdTech products and how they can help improve learning for Rhode Island students.  In addition, Shawn is a founding faculty member of the Highlander Charter School, the first independent public charter school in Rhode Island. During his 10-year tenure at the Highlander Charter School, Shawn taught a variety of grade levels which informed his insider’s view into the challenges and limitations that teachers face on a daily basis.


He is also the co-founder and CEO of Metryx, a start-up software company building flexible formative assessment tools for educators. Shawn earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan and his Master’s in Education at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA.