Molly Messenger

Molly Messenger is the Director of Pittsfield Listens, an organization dedicated to redesigning and reinvigorating the way its community makes educational progress by fostering leadership and empowering residents to develop systems and structures that ensure greater public participation in school decision-making.  Molly brings a wealth of experience in education and rural organizing with youth, parents, and families to her work in Pittsfield, engaging residents on issues and polices that impact their education and their lives. She also leads problem solving through roundtable dialogues, collaborating with local organizations to facilitate small group conversations that help the community navigate through a particular issue.On a daily basis, Molly works with youth and families who have been marginalized through historical education structures to ensure that the community’s models of education put all children in a position for future success.


Molly is a Carsey Fellow for New Hampshire Listens, which works to help build, strengthen, and sustain civic infrastructure to support a strong democracy. New Hampshire Listens does this through facilitator training and process design to ensure fair, inclusive, and informed outcomes for local and statewide projects.  Molly also serves on the boards of Ossipee Listens and Global Awareness Local Action, a non-profit that strengthens communities by bringing people together to discover passions and cultivate skills that enrich rural lives and livelihoods. She has a B.A. in Anthropology & International Affairs from University of New Hampshire, during which time she spent a semester with the School of International Training in Kenya.