Dr. Lourenço Garcia

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Dr. Lourenço Garcia is an award winning educator with more than twenty years of teaching, research, administrative, and consultancy experience. He has studied all over the globe; from Russia to Cape Verde, and in the United States; having received his Doctorate in Leadership in Urban Schools and Special Education and Disability Policy from UMass Boston. Dr. Garcia has worked as an Adjunct Professor at UMass Boston, teaching “The Culture of Urban Schools” in the Graduate School of Education and as an Adjunct Professor at Northeastern University in Boston, teaching “The Socio-cultural Context of Teaching and Learning.”


As a principal at Revere High School, Dr. Garcia restructured the school by designing and implementing innovative, student-centered, and results-driven structures and programs rooted in the 21st century learning model.  Dr. Garcia is a polyglot with a burning interest in learning other languages and cultures — he is fluent in six languages, including Cape Verdean, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Russian, and French, and proficient in Romanian and Italian.


Dr. Garcia’s areas of expertise include urban educational leadership, school redesign, student-centered and flipped learning models, curriculum, instruction and assessment, second-language acquisition, cross-cultural and inter-cultural communication, politics and education, and special education and disability policy.  Dr. Garcia has extensively written and presented on these themes.