Charles Willis, M.Ed., NBCT

Charles Willis is a Social Studies Teacher at Lexington High School. Previously, he taught students about United States history and the history of Boston and Revere at Revere High School (RHS) for seven years.

He has completely redesigned his classroom to put students at the center and prepare them for success long after graduation. Charles implements a competency-based approach to create an environment where students are encouraged to grapple with essential historical questions and deliver performance based assessments in practice for life beyond high school.

As a member of the School Redesign and Innovation team at RHS Charles worked to further student-centered learning on a systematic level. Charles has presented at the New England Secondary School Consortium conference, the National Association of Secondary School Principals conference and both the New England Regional and National College Board Forums. Charles, a National Board Certified Teacher, has a Master’s of Education in Social Studies Education and a B.S. in Social Studies Education from Boston University.