Arthur Baraf

Arthur Eduardo Baraf has been a high school principal for more than 12 years—for the past 10 years at The Met, an innovative public school in Providence, Rhode Island, which was recognized by President Obama as a model school and is a flagship of the Big Picture Learning network which is comprised of more than 200 schools worldwide. Additionally, Arthur teaches a “Student-Centered Learning” class for the Providence College Masters in Urban Teaching program and is the founder and host of “The Student-Centered Learning Podcast.” He is also an advisor and mentor to aspiring principals through the Center for Leadership and Educational Equity’s Principal Residency Network.


For the past two years, Arthur has served as a Students-at-the-Center Distinguished Fellow and member of the SCL Research Collaborative. He has also been a 2017-2018 Ed-Prep Design Fellow with the Rhode Island Department of Education.


After graduating from Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2002, Arthur was a founding teacher and eventually principal of a charter school in Denver, Colorado, where he was named a Mile High Teacher of the Year. Arthur is married, has two delightful daughters, and loves to ride his bike to work, make music, and play Ultimate Frisbee.