Abusana ‘Micky’ Bondo

A native of the Republic Democratic of Congo, Micky works as an interpreter and translator of French and Lingala for the Portland Public School system. She is also a Coalition Parent Leader Organizer for Portland Empowered, an organization which brings together public schools, parents and community members in order to create strong pathways for student success. Together they also work to increase the opportunity for students and parents to lend their voice and leadership in advocating to make learning more student-centered.


As a Coalition Parent Leader Organizer, Micky works with parents to facilitate face-to-face conversations with teachers and administrators that engage families with their child’s educational development. In doing so, Micky ensures that parents are able to advocate on behalf of their children in the district’s education decision-making.


Micky is the co-founder of In Her Presence, an organization led by immigrant women to navigate the integration and social justice process. She is also a member of the Board of Directors for Opportunity Alliance, a community action agency for Cumberland County, Maine which provides support for individuals and families through early childhood education, youth and adult mental health services, and crisis intervention. Micky holds a B.S. in biochemistry, specializing in microbiology laboratory and is licensed in phlebotomy.