About Us



The Nellie Mae Speakers Bureau on Education Innovation is a respected group of New England education experts who offer a unique variety of perspectives on student-centered learning. The Bureau includes students, administrators, teachers, community advocates and parents, each having experienced the benefits of a student-centered learning environment.


Learn how a Twitter chat during a presidential debate engages students outside of the classroom. See how a flipped classroom promotes ownership over student learning. Hear about district and community partnerships that create internship and extracurricular opportunities for students.


Student-centered learning requires the collaboration of educators, families, communities and students to prepare young people for successful futures. The Nellie Mae Speakers Bureau is for all audiences interested in improving the way students learn, and preparing them for the future. So don’t hesitate to reach out – reshape our education system to be more student-centered.



The Nellie Mae Education Foundation is the largest philanthropic organization in New England that focuses exclusively on education. At Nellie Mae, we support grantmaking efforts across the region to re-shape our education system to be more student-centered at the high school level.