Gayle Allen-Greene

As Principal of Bulkeley High School in Hartford, Connecticut, Gayle Allen-Greene strives to implement a student-centered approach to teaching and learning throughout the school, encouraging teachers to adopt a ‘Blended Learning 24 hours a day, seven days a week” mantra and giving both teachers and students the support needed to do so. This includes providing every student with the opportunity to take a laptop computer home.


In terms of teacher support, Gayle has been instrumental in creating and developing the Teacher Prep Academy at Bulkeley High School, specifically designed to support and train almost 200 minority students for college classes toward in a career in education, as well as the Humanities Academy, designed to offer an interdisciplinary approach to the Liberal Arts.


Gayle has a B.S. in Physical Education from Springfield College, a Master of Science Administration/Supervision degree from Central Connecticut State University, and certification from the Executive Leadership Program at University of Connecticut. She is also enrolled in the National Principal Mentor Training and Certification Program.